must great coffee be expensive?

you deserve great and healthy coffee

Where to get L.S Prestige Cold Brew?

We are La Strada Coffee

Our lifelong mission is to bring you the indulgence in drink

Why so cheap?

People ask why we are willing to bring you such high quality coffee with unbelievable pricetag? It's all because we want give back to society, especially during Covid-19 period, please do take good care of yourself with healthy coffee.

High Quality Ingredients

We are micro batch coffee roaster. We roast our coffee bean, we use real milk for milk coffee (not creamer), it's our mission to ensure that you can indulge in the high quality coffee at the price affordable for everyone.

Keep Innovating

While you are drinking the current version of the coffee, our R&D team is working day and night, searching for better coffee, because we are coffee fanatic. Do check out from us regarding our coffee innovation.

Branding & Image

We have coffee, tea, and localized OEM beverage customized for F&B restaurant and corporate events. A subtle gesture to quench the thirst of your guests with high quality official beverage would definitely enhance your corporate image.


We don't wait for you to come into our coffee world,
we bring great coffee into your world